The Golden Nuggets …sssssssssss…aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Golden Nuggets formed in February 2010 whilst playing open mic sessions in Firkins pub in Falkirk. The father (Roy) and son (Luke) act acquired their name, The Golden Nuggets, due to a comment made by one of the regular players (Jimmy Rocket) at Firkins. After hearing their act, consisting of their own material, Jimmy said: “The songs were so catchy – they’re like wee nuggets of gold”.

Their songs consist of material written by Nye Whittaker, Roy’s brother, and by The Golden Nuggets, together with Roy’s other song writing friends back in his ‘past lives’. The songs remained unperformed for over 20 years…..until…..The Golden Nuggets ‘woke’ them up for the world to hear.

With the sing-along raucousness of their songs they have carved out a niche for themselves in the genre where pop meets folk and a little rock and roll. Songs split between those of family and love, and a political feel, their melodic folk-rock pop type music has just got to be heard.

It has been said of The Golden Nuggets “…….there is no other act anything like them in the Falkirk area – original, in your face, sheer entertainment.”

The Golden Nuggets have one guarantee: you will like their songs within 10 seconds.

Since forming, the Golden Nuggets have played the following venues:

Tolbooth Tavern
One Stop
Falkirk Bandstand
Behind the Wall
Lock 16
The Auld Vic
Kilted Kangaroo
Bairnsfest Falkirk 2013

Big Beach Busk 2010/11/12/13